Audit, Proofreading, Training – SEO

Christina came to me confused about why her website wasn’t coming up in searches on Google. She’s a one woman operation and takes pride in doing things for herself and I understood quickly she wanted me to show her how to fix it, rather than just do it for her. I ran an audit on her website and demonstrated the tools to use to be able to identify issues for herself in the future. Then we meticulously went through the updates she could make that would have an immediate impact on her search result. Her page is now ranked second in Google searches, and she possesses the tools she needs to update her website all by herself.


“I have a small consulting firm, and I’m not tech-savvy, but I know my website is my “calling card”. For me, trying to create a “perfect website” is frankly crazy-making. Hiring Lydia was a wise investment. She ran an audit of my site, and walked me through what I needed to do, and what tools to use to add functionality/get better search results. She has a great depth of knowledge, and a calm communication style, making her easy to work with – my business is better off because of her expertise.” – Christina Harris, Founder of Colorific, Ventura, California